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Welcome to Head 2 Head Tennis

Head 2 Head tennis is a flexible tennis league that offers singles play year round and doubles in the summer. The league is free to play in and allows players to find competitive matches at their skill level.

What is a Flexible Tennis League?

Flexible tennis allows you to play matches at a time and place that is convenient to you and your opponents. Committing to a fixed league schedule keeps many players from engaging in tennis. Playing at the same time every week and at the same location just doesn't work for many players. By playing in a flexible league, there is no more planning around your tennis schedule, H2H allows you to play when you are ready. Once you are on the roster, you can login to the member's area and call or email opponents to schedule your next match.

What you need to know!

1. To schedule a match, login using your email address and password.
2. Click on schedule a match and then your division (highlighted in yellow)
3. Scroll down the page and send an email to all division members by clicking on select all button, or to individual players by clicking the checkbox next to a name.
4. Set up a match at a time and court that is convenient to you.
5. Both players will take a new can of balls to the match. One can will be used for the match. After the match, the winner will take home the unopened can and loser will keep the used can.
6. Winner will login to, click on "Enter Scores" and record the match score.
7. The winner of the match will receive 15 points and the loser will receive his best set score. For example, If the match score is 6-3, 6-2, then the loser would get 3 points for his best set (players will only receive points for their 2 best loses).
8. The regular season will last 6 months. Winter season starts January 1, summer season begins July 1st.
9. Playoffs kick off after the regular season. The top 8 players based on points earned will qualify for the single elimination format playoffs.
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